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ABOUT Opacity
Opacity is a cloud storage provider with one major difference, privacy. With the rise of digital property, many people have increasingly become concerned with the security and privacy of materials stored with cloud storage companies such as Dropbox, Google, and others. Small businesses, individuals, and enterprises want to keep their data private. Opacity protects people’s basic rights and provides private cloud storage to anyone through its Opacity token, OPCT. The token can be purchased on a crypto exchange and then used to purchase data storage plans that are completely private, and can only be accessed by the purchaser with the private key. Unlike other service providers, Opacity does not require personal identification information. Opacity stores no information on its users, and allows people to store private information, such as company secrets, intellectual property, personal photographs, legal documents, and family moments, with assurance that personal data stays personal. Access to private storage and file sharing enables a new way to protect your important files.


Contract Addresses:

Ethereum Holders: 1950
Polygon Holders: 558

FD Market Cap: $0.2 Mil
Avail Supply: 130000000
Total Supply: 130000000
Coinbase: $0.00147499
Chainlink: $0
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