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ABOUT KRYLL is your first intuitive platform to define powerful crypto trading strategies through a simple drag n’drop editor. Create automated winning strategies, benchmark them, share with the community, enjoy user-generated content… the revolution is here, don’t trade your life away! is the ultimate platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to use the most advanced trading tools and strategies, as well as benefit from the community’s hive-mind to get the best returns within cryptocurrency markets. The platform provides intuitive ways to create your own trading strategies that can be set to execute automatically. Through a What You See Is What You Trade™ interface you can design trading strategies making use of the industry’s most powerful tools and safely test them with backtesting and sandboxing. Once your tools prove their worth you can set them to live-trade on your behalf, taking the right positions at the right time, as if you were following the markets 24/7. On you can also rent out your very own winning strategies to help fellow traders be more successful. You will be rewarded with passive income for sharing your strategies.



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