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ABOUT Nervos Network
Nervos is a layered crypto-economy network. Nervos separates the infrastructure of a crypto-economy into two layers: a verification layer (layer 1) that serves as a trust root and smart custodian, and a generation layer (layer 2) for high-performance transactions and privacy protection. This document provides an overview of the Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB), a public permissionless blockchain and layer 1 of Nervos. CKB generates trust and extends this trust to upper layers, making Nervos a trust network. Its also the value store of the Nervos network, providing public, secure and censorship-resistant custody services for assets, identities and other common knowledge created in the network. The Nervos Common Knowledge Base (Nervos CKB for short) is a preservation focused, "Store of Assets" blockchain. Architecturally, its designed to best support on-chain state and off-chain computation; economically, its designed to provide sustainable security and decentralization. Nervos CKB is the base layer of the overall Nervos Network.


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Ethereum Holders: 0

Volume 24hrs: 2117265323
Volume 24hrs: $24,642,406.47
FD Market Cap: $388.00 Mil
Avail Supply: 44610969666
Total Supply: 33340636263
Binance: $0.011626
Coinbase: $0.01162716 $0.011611
Ascendex: $0.011691
Liquidity Pools:

Symbol Chain Project TVL ($ USD) 1D APY 7D APY 30D APY
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