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   Odyssey: OCN $5.595E-05 USD   -2.373%
120 days
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low: $5.542E-05
$5.766E-05 :high
ABOUT Odyssey
Odyssey is primarily a decentralized sharing economy and peer-to-peer ecosystem, aiming to compete with and replace the likes of Airbnb and Uber. Odyssey dreams big - aiming to completely replace the concept of private ownership with an economy in which everything is shared and little is owned. It’s a long way from its goals, of course, but making peer-to-peer sharing more efficient with smart contracts is certainly a step in the right direction. The Odyssey website lists 9 advisors, with its primary two being Yi Shi, the CEO of Shanghai’s Avazu Holding, a leading global advertising platform, and Justin Sun, the backbone of the TRON cryptocurrency. The advisory team also includes Goh Jian Kai, founder and CEO of Southeast Asia’s cross-border payment solution system RateX. Odyssey has lofty goals, aiming to create a world where sharing is the norm and ownership or sharing monopoly doesn’t come in the way of people’s lives. A decentralized sharing platform where all service providers and customers are connected definitely sounds attractive. It’s a new currency, so it needs development to reach its goals. Of course, the fact that buying a large number of OCN tokens will not put a major dent in your pocket is a definite point in its favour.



Contract Addresses:

Ethereum Holders: 235925

FD Market Cap: $0.6 Mil
Avail Supply: 10000000000
Total Supply: 10000000000
Coinbase: $5.595E-05
Chainlink: $0
Brands are waking up to Web3. Catch @forum3_ Co-CEO @AndySack at #Consensus23 as he shares his experience shaping @Starbucks Odyssey, the companys Web3 initiative and how brands can use NFTs to revamp rewards programs. Save your seat: read more...

Fri Mar 10 02:00:09
After giving away a few free NFT stamps to beta users, the @0xPolygon-based @Starbucks Odyssey platform is dropping its first premium NFT for $100 a pop today. read more...

Thu Mar 09 19:10:09
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